Build, not just survive

I don’t want to really praise the Mumbai spirit today. Not again, yet again. Over and over again.

A big no to all the cheers on the people who have helped each other through the so called “natural calamity”. Also today I don’t wish to even praise how brave the city souls are, who forgot the caste, creed, religion and any other fictitious and intangible barriers we have divided ourselves with and fought with the terrible situation.

I am fragmented at the thought that till when are we going to unite for such similar problems. The issues which are mere result of ignoring the problems, Not Solving them. Till when the World-Class city going to fight over such WORLD CLASS PROBLEMS!! Till when ?

I am still trying to comprehend the inception of the debacle and the enormous ways the adversity could have been receded. This is not a slap stick blaming the Government or Municipal Corporation letter. No. I am not going to raise fingers at anyone. Because its a loop. A never ending loop.

Shouldn’t we all use our Mumbaikar spirit over building a global city a much better, healthier and hospitable place. A place where basic Infrastructure is not a luxury,  but necessity.  We all know how strong we are when we unite. There are more than plenty instances where we have proven our worth. We call it home, lets make a home worth living. In the moments of distress, be it terrorist attacks, flooding, natural calamities or as small as Central or Harbour line Railway disturbance. We have all stood together, at the railway stations, at the bus stops at the crossroads, to help one another. To provide food and shelter. To redefine Humanity.

We have suffered together, shouldn’t we now build together!

I am sad because people lost lives. I am sad because fingers are raised. I am sad becasure the blame game is not over.

Raise voice, not fingers. Mumbai needs each one of us.


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