Corporate Life: Glam or Sham

How many times do we judge the book from its cover. Do we all read the “Preface” and then decide its appeal . May be some. But do we not often look at the cover and wonder, what a book could have to offer to us. This book has dull cover, it may not really have any substance.

Mere two seconds of visual appeal can decide the fate of the writer. All the sweat and heart he/she has poured comes down to such colors. Is it only limited to books?

We have plenty of decisions made through visual stimuli and its very influential. The perfectly tasting, properly cooked, delicious food may not get the same enthusiastic response as the food well presented in Crystal-ware crisp plates. Afterall marketing and PR has become the key elements in business development. Have we all not heard of the saying, “Jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai”

How many times we make a perception about one person from his career choices or the place of work or his work choices.

Do we give a smug look to someone who is working in the best of companies like Google (yes, Just like Sharma ji ka beta, I also believe that its the best) or to some XYZ University (the one we haven’t heard about) passout? Our social group is tremendously impacted from Professional achievements. Why?

Why can we not overlook the “Resume version” of human and treat them more empathetically.

Travel bloggers are absorbed in finding beauty in off beat places because they are able to see the world with different spectacles. They have the courage to choose to be, what they want to be. They have paid the price of their dreams. If they didn’t have the courage to follow their dreams, they could be still working in some fancy looking-glass building- selling fancy looking-jargon based words- in some so-called “Corporate world”.

What is this corporate world anyway. Its glamorous from the outside. Fancy offices- Fancy looking team- International exposure- throwing heavy jargons- drowned in laptops- With huge package and no money!..

Time to leave the work behind the glass doors and be an individuals. Why not believe in ourselves, why not, even for once, believe that we are beyond one two-paged paper !

Much more, so much more..



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