I liked the way we were innocent and toddler! The things mattered the most back then, were to do things we were asked NOT TO.

Simpler times. Simpler things. Happier days.

No, this diary entry is not to force myself to GROW UP. Certainly, I get this alot from more than one place.

Instead, I have a question. I am curious to know, how do people write/express their own experiences ? Do you feel satisfied that the true feelings are expressed by utmost honesty and sincerity? Do you not feel afraid of the possibility that may be, just may be, it has not been absorbed by the other person with that essence.

This fear has startled me since the time I have started considering writing about something and someone very dear to my heart. But there is no amount of words, that could express the emotion. Also, how do you people share your stories?

I feel like I am giving away a huge part of me on this blank place which is irretrievable. The place, the impact that it made, the woven thoughts throughout the series of moments and some of the few instances that changed me forever. There are other characters involved and how can you do justice in framing them aptly as it is.

How can all of it, be strung through the rope of thoughts knitted so beautifully, as it is in mind, be felt by you.

Its like the trip I take, I always feel like a bit of me has changed after I unwind myself totally from the excursion. Always in the most Liberating way !

So here is it, my question for anyone who ever went through this dilemma of expression and what made you change. Something like, what made you come out of closet?


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