Battle Field

Eureka! Eureka!

I have found the essence of our existence. Try, Try and Try forever!

The whole world is a gigantic Boxing ring where we don’t get to choose to fight or not. Our opponents are fierce, trained, hefty and at all times, appalling.

And we, being challenged on, are fragile. The scalability of our vulnerability decides our sustainability in the battle ground. Let me enlighten you with some instances. Suppose you had a bad day at work, then your rival is your job/ boss/ office, where you got knocked down. Confrontation is dependent upon your ability to jump right back to on track and win it. Get up and face-off.

Or  you are fighting a tenacious fight of loosing weight, days and months are invested in the practice sessions preparing for a face-off. With hopes of sweat-sweet victory, every single time, when you face the brutal villain – THE Weighing Machine, get vanquished, each time. (my story, literally).

Perhaps, no matter what they do or how strong they get, we have to take our broken pieces and start over from where we left. Try and try and try again. Start from where you left, to keep moving. No matter how directionless we are at this point of time. We simply just can’t quit. Rise from the ground or even at times, underground, because, every time you rise, you have given yourself another chance. Another hope. And it, can never go wrong.


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