Hall of Fame

So two days ago, I woke up to one unfortunate event which was all over the place -Famous comedians, Kapil Sharma & Sunil Grover’s tiff!

One where this incident took place, where alcohol driven Kapil, supposedly had a fight with Sunil Grover. Quoting Mid-day “Drunk Kapil was hurling abuses at a team member, Chandan Prabhakar, and that is when Sunil tried to step in to save the day. But Kapil got even more upset, and ended up physically and verbally assaulting Sunil.”

And the whole incident has now blown out of proportion.Every newspaper, news channel is covering big stories about their journey so far and anticipate their actions. The social media platforms are taking sides. They are comparing their talent, back-lashing at Kapil over his bad behavior, calling him names -arrogant, and what not. But why? Why is the world so busy in judging one person?

We all have seen him rise from the scratch. We have seen his journey. But only – SEEN. We have no right to pass comments or judgement because he appears to be just a human who is making mistakes. Yes, that’s why we don’t miss a single chance to put anyone down. It feels more real and connected. We make mistakes, then why not celebrities. But then why should celebrities pay a price for the public status. It’s not a privilege, but a curse. 

It suggests, as a celebrity, you are expected to go right at all times! Are you really a fan of his craft or him as a human. Coz if the frantic people like him for his craft, why raise voices on his behaviour. 

We are nobody to judge the circumstances for what had happened. It was a heat of the moment that resulted in something which was totally unforeseen. But then, it’s their matter. Let them sort out. Don’t be so harsh on someone and belittle him, that there is no vacuum left for him. 

Such incidents in life happen with everyone at all times. Be respectful for others, whether they are right or wrong. Honestly, they don’t want you to care about it. 

I wish to insist to media that don’t make it another medium for minting money. Don’t stoop so low. 

Let them find peace within themselves and then among each other.


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