Fat or Fit?

Should I write about something which is very subjective! Why not. I strongly feel about it. What if it comes back on me !

Every individual will have a different take on it. For some it is a topic of discussion during lunch hours. For some, its not even worth a dime. Bunch of hundred others, think about it all the time. And when I say, think, it literally means, suffer.

We all have heard various tags available these days such as Body Shaming, fitness freaks, diet conscious, etc. etc.  Some live to eat, some eat to live. Some brag their fitness schedule and some just repent every morning after a another unfulfilled attempt to new healthier lifestyle.

We all have forgotten, the thin line between health and slim. Yes, “thin” line. What an irony!!!

The belittlement, constant criticism and negligible self confidence has made us very shallow. The weak fall prey and compromise more than just their self respect.

What are we running behind, muscular body with six packs? Has the intelligence, wit, humor and charm come down to number of packs the person has made by extensive work out in Gym?

In this over modernized world and our sedentary life, implementing changes which take us to healthy lifestyle would be the best way to see ourselves in the mirror. Don’t try to look like someone else. Even once when we try to be someone, we belittle our selves. Eat well, stay well, for yourself. Not to impress others.

Try to see sincerity of affection in the eyes of the other person, instead of judging him/her by the way he/she looks. You may then find the love you deserve!

Be your own hero. Don’t wait for one!


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