Emotional Ride : Two By Two

I am an avid reader of love stories and obviously Nicholas Sparks is one of my all time favorite author. I have grown up believing the portrayal of Love he has shown in time. Such elegance, calmness and passion strung through words, has canvased vividness and grew my faith in the concept of love.
The contrast of the life he creates viz.a.viz the world we live in, only sinks in once we have lived his story. And yes, I have read & lived all of his stories. Each character is so well written and the color that it adds to the story is beautiful.
But something special happened, when I read this emotional rollercoaster, Two By Two, I was awestruck.
It is not like any other of his venture. It doesn’t revolve around the whims and fancies where the girl and the boy meet and their various situational encounters.
It is a story of a boy, who grows out to be a man. He has no choice but to stand up for his responsibilities. And he tries to excel in it too.Just how they say, “Do the right thing”.  It is a story of the people and relationships. So natural, so real.
It is about the relationship of mother-daughter, father-son, brother-sister, lovers and father-daughter. He did justice to the nuances of all the relationships, their sketch is wide and clear and thought-through. The journey of challenges in every relationship that the story is dealing is very grasping.

He has again managed to keep me in tears, be it happy, angst or grief. I lived through the journey of Vivian, London and Russell Green. A simple suburban family. A family like you and me. The way author manages to present Family values in the flawed relationships, is marveling.

Its not easy to say so much by saying nothing. Just like this quote,” “If it comes, let it come. If it stays, let it stay. If it goes, let it go.”

Somehow, it was time and again, giving an opportunity to learn, learn from the unspoken, between the lines, moments of despair imparting the crux of life with right note of somberness.

What amazed me the most was, for an author like him, it is by far, most practical & realistic approach. He has shown that, not every end is a happy end. Not every end, is actually an end!

One such line, caught my attention, quoted “But wisdom means more than being intelligent, because it encompasses understanding, empathy, experience, inner peace, and intuition, and”

We all think, think the best for ourselves. Career, family, love, affection, blissful life, health and happiness. The importance and sequence of achievement could be different. But, do we ever get enough of it?  Does it stay forever? Does love actually mean forever? What happens when tragedy strikes? Who has your back?

Million variations, million lives. Nobody is content. But we live along. We find ways to get up when we fall down. This book has given one way to do this. One very simple way..

It is given in the name itself….



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