In the periphery of life, time is the only aid.
each second will either inch you to it, or inch you tooo it.
Melancholy attracts the grief, 
laughter is an escapism

truth is veiled in Peace.

We bury a hundred words..a hundred memories..zillion turbulent emotions..perhaps because they are way too happy times that they may ruin the way we see our lives. Or they may just bring sheer sorrow for all the troubles and we are not prepared to face them again.

May bring smile to faces but the pain to put them back as intact as it was, seems such an exhaustive thing to do. The journey to reach where we are flashes back to us. May be the pain will be as deadlier as iy was the first time. Or with time, it has healed. Who’ ll tell. Not worth a risk.

Memories good or bad. They are memories. They are overrated. Why not cherish the gift of today and cease to reminisce over and over again.


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