Time & its tale

After a millionth time when I reminded myself to pick up from where I left of my last uncompleted draft, finally I could reach back here.


Its like meeting yourself back again. Its like looking into a mirror. A hundred things have changed since then. A hundred emotions felt. A turmoil inside. Too much to say. Always short of time.


The more I feel pleasure in writing myself down, the more I realize I get to do that way too less. Why is time biggest constraint in the most important thing for us? For me, never a good time to write.

May be coz I always want cozy, special place, a perfect environment, calmness inside & out, Just me & a pen. And then I understand what they say is absolutely right “What you love the most, may not be as perfect as it seems at all times, keep striving to get as much as you want”

Just like relationships. Every day is not as a blooming feather, a merrier canvas of laughter & blushes. Idea of being in love is very tiresome. It can drain you out. Mentally and emotionally. And for those who stay miles apart, geographically too! But still nothing stops us from keeping us hopeful for a beautiful future. What else are we waiting for! Unfolding the mysterious shades of what destiny has in store for us. When that doesn’t stop us from attempting to see that special someone one more time, why should we stop doing what our passion is !

Why not feel ecstatic with the splash of passion taking us to do what we love to do! So finally when I write each word today, I realize what happiness I missed for so long. Don’t wait for yours. No amount of work is as important as to cost you immense happiness.

It never has, it never will.


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