Wanderlust : Escape from a place, to a place, like never before. Soulful journey of thoughts, emotional baggage& physical burdensome body , to magnificent exotic undiscovered locations waiting to be found, by the travelers, receiving the long deserved credit, the nature’s creation.

What makes the craving to run away? What makes globe-trotting a compulsive act? Why are people increasingly declaring themselves travelers? Where were they few decades ago.

A lot of truth behind this, is depending on our lifestyle. The richness in our life is a hybrid of what we have been growing up with and what we are adapting from the places we travel. It all started long back, when far away at a distant valley, covered with huge mountains, Mr. X saw a dream. A dream to leave home and see what is at the other side of the ranges. He was a bright in studies, willing to leave his family behind and made his move to a city. A life he never you that existed. The resources.  The standards. Since then, like the chirping birds who abode the places based on their climatic benefits, humans, started moving out of the comforts of their houses ,in order to get better.

That very dream is an example of strong desire to move, an adventure calling!

And that greed has never settled. Houses crumbled. Degrees soaring up.  Work life balance is a mess. And human has transformed into a machine. Gained a lot, yet no peace.

So now, he looks to pack bags, run away from themselves, see the whole world. Places that they never knew existed. Back to such hills, back to the nature’s lap. A vicious cycle if you allow me to say.

What does wandering do to us is like asking the need to have a medicine to a patient.

It works as a therapy, relaxing, diverting and thrilling. Excursion is a great learning experience.  People you meet during the journey, strangers crossing way, for no reason and yet destined together. Cultures, life lessons shared in those picturesque sights makes the memories merrier. But are we all so worked up? Are we all this sad that we need an escape? Thankfully, No.

J.R.R. Tolkein also quoted “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.”


Some of us are by now so passionate about the adventures of living a life of a Vagabond that they are always looking for utopia anywhere and everywhere. It i s their inner drive to explore as much as they can, that brings them where they go!

And why would we put up questions on such a passion. Those of us, who have it, have learned so much more. Seen various forms of lives, connected to the Ultimate Creator, Omnipresent Almighty in several ways, It has gained patience, knowledge and calmness.

After all we are just very tiny existence on our planet, where the world as a whole is a heaven waiting to be unleashed.


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