Happy Diwali

“Get up, its not a holiday, its a diwali holiday” I vaguely remember and got up to this authoritative sound of my mother. But i dont have to worry, its a usual alarm mechanism during this festival by my mom, which has no snooze button . And i am not the only one, daddy and bhai got their share of doze too!
And as effective as it always is, we rushed to begin the cleanings of the house. Typical diwali feel. Everyone in their worn out denim shorts and comfy tees, colin and scrub in hands, trying to change the outlook of the house, making it look so traditional, changing the aura, the magnificent decorated diyas to replace the unwanted items near the corners.
It is a festival of joy, or blessings, of triumph of right over wrong. It is to eliminate the evil by brightness of
. In the evening, we change into new clothes, gobble enumerous sweets and light up vivid colourful diyas. We do goddess laxmi puja in a hope to get blessed with more name and fame. More financial strength. More. More. And some more.
But, this more never ends. Rolling down the hung up calenders by each passing time, the ticking clock, each of them is evident, our wishes, a life of utopia, is still far reaching sight. But every year we welcome goddess lakshmi with sincerity and unswerving values, with a long list of expectations.
Why not be happy and thankful for once. Beneath all the hussle bussle today in the morning, racing around our rooms, competing with each other about who does the cleaning better, along with music playing in the background, attempting to make it a soothing and relaxing work, we all laughed and played and enjoyed. Moreover, we were together.

Is it not our wealth. Is it not the priced possession, that the love between us is still intact. Something i can never put a price on!

This year, i thank god for everything that i have. And everything that i dont,  because there is alot to accomplish:)


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