Back in time

“Only if i could run back in time”

It is just so meticulously used phrase, yet so commonly heard.

But these lines, have a far more impact.
Reminiscing days, how life used to be.
It simply means, running away from what we have right now.
How often we feel like to think of how great things were before.
How often we say, I wish!
But then life is not a time machine.
It wont take you anywhere, apart from the time you are living right now.
Its not a trap, its an opportunity, to fight for a change, to fight for something that is still in your dreams, but far fetched.

Inching forward, for a reality as beautiful as dream. Lets not run for something, that pushes backwards.
We have come this far, not just to take stock of what we are missing.
There is a long way ahead. We are here to move ahead, with a smile.


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