Illusion: called love

I am no expert in the matters of love.  I don’t even know how much i understand the feeling of love. When my friends come to me and share their side of the love battles, the silly fights that later leave them broken and unsatisfied with the whole essence of life, i feel helpless and real patronified. Why is it that we always have some share of pain and gried attached with this beautiful feeling. How is it beautiful when it turns sour at some point of time. Why is everyone so lonely inside?

For me, love it when i see my parents. Together from the beginning, promises kept and unbroken, the warmth in their affection is visible and felt and yet very inseparable. Time changes everything, they say.
Then what binds them together .
For me, thats love. Fights against all odds. And yet such fights dont look painful. Intention to stay, intention to protect the warmth, must be the key,  i keep wondering.

But we all at one point of time, get this feeling, am i in love?
Is this true? This is how it feels? Is it meant to be?

Some lucky ones, get the answers that changes their life. And some, go into an emotional turmoil.

It is like that moon, the calmness, the peace, the beauty that it gives..needs no description, but its still far and tempting to reach.

Sometimes i hear, you should fight for your love till the last, if its meant to be, its not worth giving up. And some say, letting them go, is true love.

Irony of life is, we are unable to make the right choices. But again, what is right anyways? Who decides?

We dont want to stay in this Illusion of love,  and hope to reach our moon.

Afterall..thats what we run to find in life for.


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