In a run for life, we miss the Life!

When we feel we are missing ourselves in this mainstream world, we are actually missing the real happiness in the world. And that is the contentment of the togetherness, the blossoming of emotions and the thrill to gain something.

Everyday, we are running after a lot of mediocre things in life. We are so pre occupied with the chores of household, reaching office on time, to get better opportunity , better education, better promotion prospects, better everything.  But in this, where are we becoming better Human Beings.??

We say, we miss our childhood, children are the most innocent and honest creations. That’s because they are not running behind the Fancy word “Betterment”

We tick a goal accomplished and start worrying for the next one. Yet again, because there is a rat race.  And whosoever looses, he looses the chance to rise. But rise above what?

Rise among ourselves, the ones we once called Loved ones. Who once upon a time, cared for us.

Why are we fighting? With inner self, with the ones we live, with the ones we could find zeal to do something.

Someone once told me “Be the best among the ones who you don’t mind loosing, coz where you gain some, you loose big”

I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t work hard to achieve our dreams. But our Career is not the Graph of how your life is. It can be a source or aid in your path of life. But not everything.

You don’t loose in every fall. You loose when you give up on standing again.

Profession can give you a direction to your Goal. Its like a Compass, don’t make it your soul.

Your existence is of much more importance. You just need to find that out. Embrace it. Live it.

And  then, no success or failure , no rat race, no competition can decide your worth.


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